LUMINEX SOFTWARE, INC., a proven innovator and technology leader, introduced a new category of mainframe virtual tape products, called virtual tape vaults. The new MVT Vault™ offers unprecedented price points and a compact product footprint for storing a second or third copy of virtual tape data out-of-region for data protection.

Now mainframe data centers that have production and remote disaster recovery (DR) sites in place, can also secure a third copy of tape data at any location with IP connectivity, using MVT Vault. This is particularly valuable to enterprises that need secure copies out-of-region or other low-risk geographic locations. With MVT Vault, this can be accomplished without the cost of expensive data center floor space, physical tape vaults or physical tape media.

For use cases where no DR site is currently in place, MVT Vault provides a secure, remote second copy offsite. When the offsite vaulting requirements, become offsite recovery requirements, MVT Vault can be easily upgraded to full Mainframe Virtual Tape solutions.

For 3590 physical tape users who are confronted with End of Support (Manufacturer’s Service Withdrawal) soon, the cost and floor space to deploy full virtual tape solutions at 2 or 3 sites can be prohibitive. MVT Vault provides an enterprise-class, compact, cost effective alternative, which can be deployed much less expensively.

During the last 20+ years, Luminex has been at the forefront of implementing enterprise-class, tapeless solutions that replicate tape data between production and remote disaster recovery sites for improving DR preparedness. Luminex MVTi and CGX are considered Best-In-Class for their reliability, versatility and exceptional features. Now, Luminex has extended the MVT’s replication, monitoring and verification capability to compact, 2U (3.5″) virtual vaults.

“We encourage our existing and prospective customers to drive our technology roadmap,” said Michael C. Saunders, President, Luminex Software, Inc. “We’re pleased to respond with this customer driven product family to further modernize data centers and protect one of the most valuable corporate assets, customer data. MVT Vault offers unlimited possibilities for data protection.”

The MVT Vault product family, starting at only $25,000 for MVT Vault 110i, includes Luminex Replication, VOLSER Replication Monitoring and tape inventory audit capability.

MVT Vaults require MVTi, MVTe or CGX at the primary production site.

For mainframe data centers that require data deduplication or other non-deduplication solutions beyond a MVTi and MVT Vault, Luminex offers the IBM® ProtecTIER® Mainframe Edition with data deduplication or Luminex MVTe for higher capacity & throughput.