Luminex gives you the best solution for your mainframe to cloud migration needs. World-class performance with unsurpassed ease of use and flexibility!

  • Blazing 32Gb FICON is the fastest in the industry to expedite data storage and future-proof your infrastructure.
  • With Push Button DR testing, conduct non-disruptive DR tests at the push of a button. Yes, you read it correctly: simply press a button and you are all set.
  • No more guesswork. Our VOLSER-level replication monitoring pinpoints precisely which tapes are valid, and which may have been “in-flight” at the time of a DR event.
  • Experience the convenience of centralized virtual tape management. Monitor and initiate commands directly from your mainframe’s master console with LTMon.
  • When high availability just isn’t good enough, our continuously available solutions give you 24/7/365 access to your critical data, even in case of multiple component failures in the infrastructure.
  • Rapidly scale from terabytes to petabytes with multiple mainframes at multiple sites. Storage can be bundled with our solution, or use your own from your favorite FC or NAS storage vendor.

Upgrade to Luminex in as little as 7 days and enjoy unmatched performance and support for years to come.

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