LUMINEX SOFTWARE, INC., best known for its innovations in mainframe data solutions, today announced its new MDI BigData Transfer solution at the SHARE User’s Conference, which is being held at the Convention Center in Sacramento, CA.

Luminex brings this latest advancement to the industry following its release of MDI SecureTransfer, for mitigating file transfer security risks, and the MDI SAS Language Processor, for off-host processing of SAS Language applications and MXG.

Until now, mainframe data exchange for Hadoop environments was constrained to products that relied on slow and inefficient mainframe-based TCP/IP, often requiring cumbersome implementations or using unsecured data transfer methods. Large file transfers in many cases were prohibitive due to exceptionally slow transfer rates and reliability concerns. BigData Transfer will provide a cost-effective alternative that is purpose-built for large file transfers, simplifying mainframe data integration with Hadoop by leveraging the same fast and secure FICON I/O channel technology used by the mainframe’s disk (DASD) and tape storage systems. As the data is sent to Hadoop, it passes through the MDI Platform where encryption, EBCDIC-to-ASCII conversion and data movement are performed off-host, freeing up valuable mainframe MIPS and accelerating transfer rates. The result is a solution that provides best-in-class security, cost-efficiency and performance.

In addition to its use of high-speed and secure FICON, BigData Transfer utilizes the webHDFS REST API for communication with Hadoop environments, making it compatible with standard Apache distributions as well as top-tier third-party providers.

“Many of the world’s largest enterprises depend on Luminex for mainframe data protection. With the MDI platform and our latest BigData Transfer solution, we enable mainframe data centers of all sizes to create more value by making it easy and cost-effective to securely integrate their critical mainframe data with their enterprise analytics environment,” said Art Tolsma, CEO of Luminex Software.

The combination of BigData Transfer for mainframes and the Hadoop ecosystem enables enterprise-wide analytics, so companies can obtain a more complete view of their business, including their clients, competition and industry trends for better decision-making and outcomes.

Luminex is sponsoring a BigData Transfer Launch Party during the SHARE Conference at the Sacramento Convention Center on Tuesday March 13th, 1:45 PM – 2:45 PM in Room 304/305. All SHARE members are welcome to attend.