LUMINEX SOFTWARE, INC., a proven mainframe solutions innovator and technology leader, with its partner PSR Inc., announce the immediate availability of new disaster recovery (DR) and colocation services for mainframe data centers. Following the 2014 release of MVT Vault™, Luminex’s virtual tape vault solution, Luminex partnered with PSR to establish the first Authorized Disaster Recovery Center (ADRC) to provide vaults-as-a-service and vault colocation options for mainframe customers.

With this new ADRC offering, mainframe customers who were previously required by other third party providers to purchase, lease or contract for expensive, multi-rack, physical tape library equipment, now have the option of cost-effective recovery or colocation services from PSR, using compact 2U Luminex MVT Vaults.

For data centers that are paying high fees for shipping and storing physical tape cartridges off site, the potential still exists for data to be made inaccessible during a DR event due to driving conditions, or for data to be lost or damaged in transit. ADRCs offer an alternative that provides immediate remote access to the customer’s secure data via a WAN, while PSR’s recovery service teams provide the mainframe expertise to restore the customer’s business operations quickly.

Based in Canton, MA, PSR has been providing solutions and professional services to mainframe customers since 1981 and is recognized for its hosting, hot sites and disaster recovery centers. PSR implemented the ADRC business model in response to demand from mainframe customers who were looking for a future-proof alternative to their End of Support physical tape hardware. Since becoming an ADRC earlier this year, customers in a variety of industries have contracted for PSR’s new service, realizing the benefits of MVT Vault’s unique offering and price points.

“We were pleased to partner with Luminex and leverage their MVT Vault to establish an ADRC at our PSR RecoveryCenter,” said Glenn Baker, President of PSR. “This represents yet another way mainframe business partners are helping customers to preserve their investment in IBM® mainframes, while taking advantage of the latest innovations in mainframe storage and data protection.”

PSR’s ADRC provides recovery services that use MVT Vault to store mainframe tape volumes, serve as a remote replication target over a WAN and enable monitoring and auditing of mainframe volumes at the VOLSER level. The vaults can be used for DR tests or for recovery on-demand, if needed.

Mike Saunders, President of Luminex, stated, “With MVT Vault, mainframe customers benefit from much faster and secure access to additional copies of their data. Now, they have a single source for off site virtual tape vaults, warm or hot sites, and recovery services.”

The vaults are also ideal for mainframe customers that are facing the manufacturer’s 3490 or 3590 physical tape End of Support (EOS or Services Withdrawal). It enables them to continue to use their mainframe tape applications with 3490 or 3590 virtual tape.


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