Companion Data Services, LLC (CDS)

See how CDS used Luminex CGX solution with CloudTAPE to store critical IBM Z platform archive data on a flexible cloud storage target.

AFR Insurance

See how AFR Insurance used Luminex and IBM Z technology to greatly reduce operational costs while enhancing data management and reporting.

County of Orange, California

See how Luminex helped the 3rd largest county in California replace their aging mainframe physical tape infrastructure with virtual tape that significantly reduced maintenance costs and expanded data sharing at the same time.


Find out how one of the largest casualty insurance companies deployed Luminex Channel Gateway Solution to successfully meet its customer data security and DR requirements while delivering continuous availability and a much-improved recovery window.

Lottery Agency

Faced with inefficient physical tapes that are hard to acquire and expensive to maintain, a major lottery agency turned to Luminex Channel Gateways to reduce operating expenses, improve reliability, and vastly upgrade performance.

Ingram Entertainment

Get the details on how Luminex solved a major headache for a national media distribution company with insufficient backup and recovery capabilities by eliminating tape handling and adding automatic DR with virtual tape solutions.

Fortune 500 Healthcare Provider

A Fortune 500 healthcare provider had reached their existing tape infrastructure capacity as their customer base grew. Luminex MVT with Synchronous Tape Matrix and CGSafe encryption provided an advanced and future-proof solution that removed capacity and performance limitations.

Financial Services IaaS

Find out how Luminex, through its partnership with Cognizant, helped a Fortune 500 financial services company migrate its mainframe infrastructure to IaaS for drastically improved performance, including faster batching, reduced DR time, and enhanced security.


See how WoodmenLife used Luminex Mainframe Virtual Tape (MVT) to store critical system backups to eliminate inefficient and cumbersome use of physical tapes and streamline its system backup processes.

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