Off-Host HSM Recycle

How would your business operations improve if you could increase the number and frequency of critical mainframe processes *without* an increase in MSUs?

Mainframe Virtual Tape (MVT 2.0)

Learn how virtual tape can enable you to off-host HSM Recycle, improve multi-tenancy management, archive to the cloud, and securely exchange data at high speeds between mainframes and distributed systems for analytics and off-host processing.

MDI: Mainframe Data Integration

A discussion of how MDI solutions are transforming the way the mainframe shares data through the enterprise.

Replace Mainframe FTP with FICON

The use of trusted mainframe FICON I/O channels can provide a higher level of data security for exchanging data with distributed systems.

Stock Azure Data Lake with Mainframe Data

A discussion of how a large insurance company leveraged their existing Luminex Virtual Tape system with SecureTransfer as a faster, more secure, and easier-to-use solution for populating their Microsoft Azure Data Lake.

MDI SecureTransfer

Insight into today’s mainframe security risks and practical ways to mitigate them with MDI SecureTransfer.

MDI SAS Language Processor

Examine a real-life example in which SAS Language programs and MXG were taken off-host and executed on the Luminex MDI Platform.

Rethinking the Role of “Data” in the Modern Data Center

A discussion of the broader role that mainframe tape is filling for data in modern data centers. Topics include data synchronicity and distribution, the many use cases for cloud services, as well as data sharing and integration across the enterprise.

Getting z/OS Data to the Cloud

4 different hardware vendors (IBM, Oracle Storage Tek, Dell EMC, and HDS/Luminex) each give a short overview of their current offering(s) to move, copy or place z/OS data into the Cloud.

A Practical Approach to Off-Host Processing

Learn how a FICON-based approach offers a wide variety of off-hosting opportunities with cross-platform, bi-directional communication over the same I/O channels as your mainframe DASD and tape subsystems.

Synchronous Tape

Continuous availability is increasingly expected for modern data centers. This discussion will address fundamental questions about synchronous tape operations such as: Why would you want it? What should you expect from it? How would you implement it? And, is it compatible with your IT infrastructure and budget?

3590 Tape Drive End of Support

Learn how others have switched from physical to virtual tape and how the transition has improved tape security, disaster recovery preparedness, and resilience.

Converged Mainframe Solutions

Compare and contrast siloed and converged storage environments to provide insight for mainframe data center and storage managers looking to streamline processes, reduce operating expenses and provide additional value to their organizations.

Leverage Cloud Storage for Mainframe Tape

A discussion about how data centers can use the Cloud for virtual tape storage. Topics will include tape performance characteristics, tape study examples, and relevant use cases.

The Next Generation of DR Center Services

Learn how virtual vaulting services from low-cost, innovative disaster recovery and hosting centers are being leveraged to eliminate the last holdout of physical tape while reducing recovery time for DR tests and events.

Luminex Solutions for VM environments

Learn about the latest developments for z/VM and z/VSE mainframe tape environments. Topics will include new capabilities and use cases for virtual tape solutions from Luminex.

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