Mainframe Data Integration

A collection of videos on various aspects and offerings within the Luminex MDI solution family.

Luminex Connects

The Luminex Team brings their humor and expertise together to discuss ways to better protect, manage and leverage your mainframe data.


Follow Leon’s journey as he leaves physical tape behind and discovers the joys and possibilities of Luminex’s next-generation mainframe virtual tape.

Mr. Miller’s Mainframe Melodies

Have some fun with these catchy and clever tunes inspired by real events from mainframe data centers.

Building Mainframe Data Pipelines to Feed Enterprise-wide Applications

Building Mainframe Data Pipelines to Feed Enterprise-wide Applications

Data-driven organizations need low-friction, highly available and fast access to mainframe data as input for distributed applications, microservices and other business processes. Yet, access to this data has historically meant overcoming multiple obstacles, leading to project delays, cost overruns and compromises in speed, security and flexibility.

Confluent and Luminex will discuss how to use Apache Kafka and Mainframe Data Integration (MDI) to build efficient, highly available and agile mainframe data pipelines with an event streaming platform that can be made available to unlimited applications – without the struggles or compromises of the past. Hitachi Vantara will demonstrate how Pentaho enables enterprises to leverage these secure, high-speed event streams for better operational insights and business operations.

Data Analysts, Enterprise Architects, Application Developers and anyone else who provides or relies on access to mainframe data can benefit from this modern approach to mainframe data integration.

Integrating Mainframe Data and Processes with Distributed Systems & the Cloud

Integrating Mainframe Data and Processes with Distributed Systems and the Cloud

Looking to experience the business advantages of integrating mainframe and distributed systems data for better insight and decision making? Mainframe integration initiatives are enabling enterprise-wide innovation, yielding better business intelligence and operational efficiencies for competitive edge. Join us as we discuss how you can simplify mainframe integration to provide fast, secure, and cost-effective bi-directional I/O between mainframes and the rest of the enterprise. Microsoft Azure’s Scott Spiro will also explore how to further integrate your mainframe with Microsoft Azure data lakes to allow you to store, process and access data when and where it makes the most sense.

Modernize Your Mainframe SAS Estate & Reduce Software Licensing Costs

Your Mainframe SAS Estate & Reduce Software Licensing Costs

Reducing mainframe costs, including software licensing, remains the #1 priority in most sites. If SAS is one of the top 10 “heavy hitters” in your shop, this webinar replay is for you!

Learn how off-hosting SAS workloads, such as MXG, to a FICON attached co-processor removes CPU cycles from the mainframe while maintaining high performance.

This reduction in MSUs helps:

  • Reduce monthly MLC charges and software licensing costs
  • Maintain a 4-hour rolling average or
  • Provide processor MIPS for more critical workloads

Added advantages include leveraging new hire skills by modernizing SAS applications with R and Python.

CIOs, Capacity Planners and Data Analysts responsible for analytics using data from the mainframe can benefit from this discussion, including numerous answers to attendee questions.

For more information about Luminex’s approach to mainframe data sharing, please visit our Mainframe Data Integration page or contact us.