Building on its client driven innovations and technologies for mainframe data solutions, LUMINEX SOFTWARE, INC. announced today its new MVT 2.0 at the SHARE User’s Conference, which is being held at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

As mainframes continue to be the cornerstone for processing mission and business critical data for many current and aspiring Fortune 100 companies, off-loading workloads to co-processing platforms can optimize storage and enable mainframe data centers to reduce costs and reserve mainframe CPU cycles for other demanding business workloads.

These companies and data driven enterprises of all sizes are transitioning from siloed mainframe operations to IT models that enable mainframe data to be securely exchanged with distributed systems. This allows an enterprise-wide view of all data, leading to improvements in client experiences, competitive advantages and better financial performance.

MVT 2.0 converges industry-leading mainframe virtual tape technology, such as Synchronous Tape Matrix for continuous tape availability, Push Button DR testing and recovery and CloudTAPE options, with new co-processing capability for Off-Host HSM recycling, more multitenancy storage management and secure, high speed data transport mechanisms for sharing data between mainframes and distributed systems.

With a history of setting tomorrow’s standards with today’s innovations, MVT 2.0’s base configuration includes MVThsm, multitenancy, Mainframe Data Integration (MDI SecureTransfer Express) and optional CloudTAPE to support object storage systems such as the Hitachi Content Platform®, NetApp StorageGRID® and the latest cloud storage services from Microsoft® Azure, AWS® and others.

“Our innovations begin with a keen understanding of our clients’ and partners’ technology and business needs. MVT 2.0 is yet another great example of our extensible platform architecture. It provides the agility to anticipate and respond to changing enterprise requirements for data protection and management and it enables our clients to leverage their mainframe data to gain greater business insight,” said Art Tolsma, CEO of Luminex Software.

Luminex is introducing MVT 2.0 at a SHARE Lunch and Learn event which is being held at the Phoenix Convention Center, on Tuesday March 12th, in Phoenix, Arizona. All SHARE members and conference attendees are welcome to attend.