LUMINEX SOFTWARE, INC., the worldwide market leader in mainframe virtual tape for data deduplication storage systems, announced today at the SHARE IBM User Group an enhanced version of its Channel Gateway mainframe virtual tape product that outperforms all other industry solutions by 2x to 5x or more. The new Channel Gateway “X” version provides near link-speed virtual tape performance, allowing datacenters to meet their maximum mainframe host tape I/O capabilities using disk-based storage.

The Channel Gateway has been years ahead of the industry as the only mainframe virtual tape product to support 8GB/s FICON connections. With the ability to support multiple FICON channels within 1U of datacenter rack space, a high-availability Channel Gateway configuration can now reach an unprecedented 2GB/s within 2U of datacenter rack space.

Channel Gateway X has been designed with a unique future-proof software architecture created by LUMINEX. The core technology is operating system and gateway platform agnostic to immediately leverage technology industry advancements for the unique and ongoing requirements of customers and partners. The Channel Gateway X technology is currently shipping to OEMs and partners for five unique operating systems and over a dozen industry-standard or embedded gateway server platforms.

“LUMINEX continues to demonstrate industry leadership with our Channel Gateway products,” states Brian Hawley, CTO and co-founder of LUMINEX. “We are committed to being the clear choice for customers that demand the best solutions for their mainframe datacenters.”

LUMINEX continues to lead the industry in customer deployments of deduplication for mainframe virtual tape. With the unique DataStream Intelligence™ inherent in the Channel Gateway products, datacenters are able to realize the full benefits of data deduplication for both backup and active tape operations such as DFHSM. This provides significantly reduced WAN costs for replicating data to a disaster recovery site, datacenter floor space savings, and operational savings realized by eliminating the hassles of managing physical tapes. And with the introduction of Channel Gateway X and its system performance capabilities, additional infrastructure cost and complexity can be eliminated.

Channel Gateway X is now available to select customers and partners.

LUMINEX is a leading developer and provider of disk-based mainframe virtual tape products and technologies. LUMINEX Channel Gateways allow mainframe enterprise users around the world to take full advantage of the benefits of Modern Mainframe Virtual Tape to eliminate or reduce physical tape, improve RTO and RPO, lower capital and operating costs and improve data security. With the LUMINEX Channel Gateways, enterprises can now have a single backup and recovery program for their mainframe and open systems data. To find out more about LUMINEX and its Modern Mainframe Virtual Tape solutions, visit

LUMINEX is headquartered at 871 Marlborough Ave., Riverside, CA 92507, USA and can be contacted at 1-888.LUMINEX or by e-mail at [email protected].

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