LUMINEX SOFTWARE, INC., a leading developer and provider of modern mainframe virtual tape products, announced today that it has expanded its partnership with Govplace, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise IT solutions for the public sector, as a full service channel partner for LUMINEX’s Channel Gateway products for distribution to federal, state and local governments.

Govplace is completing the implementation of an enterprise storage, backup and disaster recovery solution for the County of Orange, CA, utilizing LUMINEX’s industry-leading Channel Gateways.  Orange County, the third largest county in the United States, replaced its mainframe physical tape infrastructure with LUMINEX’s Channel Gateways and Data Domain’s deduplication storage appliances.  Govplace is providing the entire mainframe virtual tape solution to the County on an “Infrastructure as a Service” (“IaaS”) basis, using Govplace’s design, implementation and management expertise to lower Orange County’s upfront acquisition costs as well as their recurring operating costs.  Govplace and Orange County have also used LUMINEX to provide the professional services and software to migrate the County’s existing physical tapes to the new Channel Gateway system.

Orange County will realize a number of key benefits that will enable it to better meet the needs of its constituents:  lower operating costs, lower capital and manpower expenses, improved data management, greatly improved data backup and recovery, reduce costly manpower needs and improve performance.

“This IT solution will improve efficiency and enhance our recovery capability,” said K.C. Rostenberg, Director of Business IT Shared Services for the County of Orange, California.  “We appreciate the contributions of Govplace in the design and management of this innovative solution.”

“LUMINEX’s Channel Gateways allowed us to deliver a truly innovative mainframe IT storage solution featuring Data Domain deduplication to Orange County.  This solution has not only enhanced overall system performance and enabled effective disaster recovery, but has also helped the County significantly reduce operating costs during these challenging economic times,” said Damon Brown, Chief Technical Officer at Govplace.

The Channel Gateway delivers virtual tape emulation for the z/OS, z/VM and z/VSE mainframe operating environments.  The Channel Gateway presents storage solutions including NAS, Fibre Channel, and iSCSI to the mainframe as ESCON- or FICON-based 3490 and 3590 tape drives while leveraging advanced capabilities such as data deduplication and remote replication.  Mainframe tape backup and recovery, storage management and data sharing applications work transparently with the Channel Gateway solution.

“We are truly excited about the expansion of our partnership with Govplace,” stated Art Tolsma, LUMINEX’s CEO.  “Govplace has the experience and expertise in the public sector to meet the most demanding enterprise storage and technology needs.  I am confident they will be able to take their proven track record of success with LUMINEX Channel Gateway mainframe virtual tape and their Infrastructure as a Service business model at Orange County and provide the benefits to federal, state and local government entities across the United States.”

LUMINEX is a leading developer and provider of disk-based mainframe virtual tape products and technologies.  LUMINEX Channel Gateways allow mainframe enterprise users around the world to take full advantage of the benefits of Modern Mainframe Virtual Tape to eliminate physical tape for backup and recovery, improve RTO and RPO, lower capital and operating costs and improve data security.  With the LUMINEX Channel Gateways, enterprises can now have a single backup and recovery program for their mainframe and open systems data.  To find out more about LUMINEX and its Modern Mainframe Virtual Tape solutions, visit

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