Luminex Software, Inc., a leading developer and provider of modern mainframe virtual tape products and technologies, announced today at the SHARE in Denver 2009 Conference that it has developed, deployed and is now broadly offering proven mainframe tape migration services.  The tape migration services were created in direct response to growing customer demand to simplify and automate the process to move from legacy tape infrastructures to LUMINEX’s Channel Gateway modern mainframe virtual tape products.

Large-scale tape migration services have already been successfully completed at multiple customer sites.  An individual site migration of greater than 300,000 tapes is now completing and serves as an example of the excellent value and support that our customers realize from the LUMINEX solution.  Migration to the new Channel Gateway modern mainframe virtual tape solution is supported from both legacy physical tape, and prior generation virtual tape infrastructures.

“Tape Migration was a customer-driven natural extension of our Channel Gateway product line.  Our growing number of customers increasingly look to LUMINEX to solve a broader set of the tape management solutions and they have requested us to help them populate their Channel Gateways with existing tape data,” said Art Tolsma, LUMINEX’s CEO.  “We responded with a solution that securely and reliably migrates tapes – both physical and virtual – while maintaining the original mainframe tape catalogs.  The process is both automated and painless.”

The LUMINEX Mainframe Tape Migration solution includes both migration and host-based tape allocation steering software.  The combination enables tapes to be migrated 24×7 without impacting production activity.  The solution runs at the customer site and requires very little operator interaction, using only the CPU and channel resources that are designated for the process.  At periodic customer-defined intervals, “cutovers” take place, at which time migrated tapes are put into service and the prior legacy tapes become inactive, allowing the technology to be de-installed or re-purposed.

The new Tape Migration software and professional services are available from LUMINEX immediately.

For more information about LUMINEX’s Mainframe Tape Migration, Click Here. (689 KB PDF)

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