Data Domain, Inc. (Nasdaq: DDUP), the leading provider of deduplication storage systems, and LUMINEX, a leading developer and provider of mainframe virtual tape products and technologies, are demonstrating significant customer wins and momentum within mainframe data centers as these users are demanding tapeless backup and disaster recovery solutions that are robust and reliable. Enterprises such as ICW Group Insurance Companies, Ingram Entertainment and Motion Industries reflect the movement of mainframe customers that are replacing existing Sun StorageTek VSM, IBM VTS and tape library products with LUMINEX’s Channel Gateway mainframe virtual tape and Data Domain deduplication storage systems.

“With the combined solution from LUMINEX and Data Domain, our enterprise mainframe customers have been able to simplify and streamline their daily operations while reducing costs, floor space requirements and the risks associated with shipping tapes,” said Michael C. Saunders, President of LUMINEX. “Their disaster recovery processes are now benefiting from improved RPOs and RTOs.  These users have been able to free themselves of a time consuming and often ineffective approach to data protection that has traditionally been used for decades.”

Minimizing reliance on tape has been a data center trend in open systems environments, and Data Domain and LUMINEX have extended access of the latest data reduction technologies to mainframe users. As demonstrated by the positive business impact achieved by ICW Group Insurance, Ingram Entertainment and Motion Industries, the combination of LUMINEX and Data Domain can enable mainframe users to reap a significant range of benefits resulting from deduplication storage for the reinvention of their data protection processes.

“LUMINEX and Data Domain have field-proven implementations in large enterprise environments, where the maturity and robustness of our respective technologies have been combined to deliver rapid recoverability of mainframe data,” said Beth White, Vice President of Marketing for Data Domain. “These enterprises can now efficiently replicate their backups via WANs and leverage cost-effective deduplication storage tiers to achieve their disaster recovery SLAs.”


“ICW Group replaced its physical tape infrastructure with a disk-based
virtual tape solution from LUMINEX and Data Domain,” said Frank Ury, Vice President of Infrastructure for ICW Group Insurance Companies. “We substantially
improved our backup and disaster recovery plan while reducing tape media, off-site tape storage and support costs.”

“Mainframe tape was the biggest barrier to an effective disaster recovery solution,” said Tim Demonbreum, Mainframe Systems Administrator for Ingram Entertainment. “The LUMINEX Channel Gateway with Data Domain deduplication storage replaced our IBM VTS and now every single virtual tape we create is automatically replicated to our disaster recovery site.  We now have an error free environment, and saved money. And with Data Domain, we’ve reduced 14 TB of backup data to 1.6 TB, a nearly 90% savings.”

“We decided to eliminate physical tape for all applications except where mandatory,” said Glenn Ecker, IT Manager for Motion Industries. “To accomplish this, we utilized the LUMINEX and Data Domain solution to replace 95% of our tape infrastructure. This included eliminating an automated tape library that contained 5 frames of tape drives and a virtual tape subsystem. We installed a couple of stand-alone tape drives to accommodate mandatory tape operations. Our backup and recovery has improved, we have reclaimed substantial floor space, reduced power consumption and reduced operating expense.”

For more information on joining the mainframe tapeless revolution by leveraging the value of deduplication for mainframe datacenter, please visit LUMINEX or Data Domain to obtain a free White Paper, “Using Deduplication with Modern Mainframe Virtual Tape.”


LUMINEX is a leading developer and provider of disk-based mainframe virtual tape products and technologies.  LUMINEX Channel Gateways allow mainframe enterprise users to take full advantage of the benefits of Modern Mainframe Virtual Tape with deduplication solutions from Data Domain to eliminate physical tape for backup and recovery, improve RTO and RPO, lower capital and operating costs and improve data security.  With the LUMINEX Channel Gateways, enterprises can now have a single backup and recovery program for their mainframe and open systems data.  To find out more about LUMINEX and its modern mainframe virtual tape solutions, visit   LUMINEX is headquartered at 871 Marlborough Ave., Riverside, CA  92507 and can be contacted at 1-888.LUMINEX or by e-mail at [email protected].


Data Domain® is the leading provider of deduplication storage systems. Thousands of companies worldwide have purchased Data Domain systems to reduce storage costs and simplify data management. Data Domain delivers the performance, reliability and scalability to address the data protection and nearline storage needs of enterprises of all sizes. Data Domain products integrate into existing customer infrastructures and are compatible with leading enterprise backup and archive software products. To find out more about Data Domain, visit Data Domain is headquartered at 2421 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95054 and can be contacted by phone at 1-866-933-3873 or by e-mail at [email protected].


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