MVThsm: Off-Host HSM Recycle

Use HSM without Any Tradeoffs

MVThsm shifts capacity optimization, normally achieved by the HSM recycle process, to the MVT tape infrastructure, eliminating mainframe CPU cycles for tape reads/writes or HSM CDS updates.


Tapes with expired datasets are transparently rewritten, keeping the same VOLSER and block IDs and reducing the size of expired datasets by 99.9%. The virtual tapes retain all of the location information for the remaining valid datasets.

Each time an HSM tape is optimized by MVThsm, the tapes get smaller in size, reducing the time for replicating the tape to DR.

Off-hosting capacity optimization enables MVT users to postpone tape storage upgrades and fit existing workloads into smaller configurations, reducing both workload and storage cost.

MVThsm creates space-efficient clones of HSM tapes by pruning expired datasets without mainframe MSUs or the need to update HSM Control Datasets.

chart showing HSM recycle before and after process

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