Synchronous Tape Matrix™

True Continuous Availability for Luminex Mainframe Virtual Tape Solutions

Luminex Synchronous Tape Matrix enables synchronous mirrored writes to multiple storage systems. As a result, any control unit can service host I/O for any storage at any time, allowing operations to continue without interruption, even in the event of multiple component failures of computing, connectivity, and storage.

Active-Active Operations Without Compromise

  • No downtime from failover or restore processes
  • Easy to implement, no-host scripts or policies required
  • No idle components to buy
  • No limitations for throughput, capacity, or degrees of redundancy
  • Data is always available for I/O
  • Support for dissimilar storage systems and compression/deduplication technologies
chart showing network of synchronous tape matrix

Simplified STM configuration with n-sites. Sites can be local, on campus, or within metro link distances.

chart showing synchronous tape matrix as operational network with multiple failures

Operational STM configuration with multiple failures across layers and sites.

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