LUMINEX SOFTWARE, INC., the leading innovator of mainframe virtual tape solutions, announced today that new deduplication storage options are now available to mainframe data centers. With Luminex Channel Gateways™ and ProtecTIER® deduplication storage, mainframe data centers can reduce their tape storage requirements, reduce or eliminate physical tape and most significantly, they can reduce the network bandwidth required to replicate tape data from their production site, to a remote disaster recovery site.

Luminex was the first to enable deduplication storage systems for mainframe virtual tape in 2006. Since then, hundreds of mainframe sites have improved their overall tape operations and their disaster recovery preparedness using Luminex Channel Gateways or CGX™ with deduplication storage systems. Today’s announcement continues Luminex’s tradition of innovation and leadership.

After IBM’s release of NFS support for its System Storage® ProtecTIER Deduplication products, Luminex initiated extensive interoperability and resiliency testing as part of its quality assurance process and certified its Channel Gateways with IBM’s ProtecTIER for customer use.

Now mainframes and distributed systems environments can leverage the advantages of using a common ProtecTIER storage system, for all of their mainframe and distributed systems backup data.

According to Mike Soursby, Manager, Data Center Services, Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A., “Kawasaki is in the process of replacing its deduplication storage devices for (onsite and offsite) replication with IBM’s ProtecTIER. With that, the mainframe portion is controlled by Luminex devices which emulate tape drive controllers. They have gone in seamlessly for the ProtecTIER interfaces, and work as described, and require no manual maintenance.”

“Luminex is pleased to enable ProtecTIER for mainframe customers,” said Michael C. Saunders, President of Luminex. “Our Channel Gateway’s DataStream Intelligence™ has enabled customers to maximize mainframe deduplication rates using other storage systems for years, and now with ProtecTIER we’re already seeing very impressive deduplication rates. Our assessment is that IBM’s ProtecTIER coupled with Luminex Channel Gateways offers an extraordinary deduplication option for the mainframe virtual tape market.”

Luminex is recognized for its history of innovation, its portfolio of industry leading products include 8Gb FICON, Replication Monitoring (RepMon™), Push Button DR for simplified, efficient disaster recovery testing and CloudTAPE™ for mainframe tape archiving.

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Luminex is a leading developer and provider of disk-based mainframe virtual tape solutions and technologies. Luminex MVT, featuring Channel Gateway X, allows mainframe enterprise users around the world to take full advantage of the benefits of Modern Mainframe Virtual Tape to eliminate or reduce physical tape, improve RTO and RPO, lower capital and operating costs and improve data security. With Luminex MVT and CGX solutions, enterprises can now have a single backup and recovery storage system for their mainframe and open systems data. To find out more about Luminex and its Modern Mainframe Virtual Tape solutions, visit

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