Replication Monitoring and Logging at the VOLSER Level

Replication Monitor (RepMon) provides real-time status monitoring and logging for mainframe virtual tape replication at the VOLSER level. It also includes CloudTAPE Dashboard for monitoring remote tiering status and tape object metadata.

chart showing RepMon admin monitoring between primary and recovery sites

RepMon monitors replication between MVT, CGX, Vault, and Cloud storage systems, including one-to-one and one-to-many replication configurations.

  • Monitor replication and performance in real-time between sites
  • Review past activity
  • Conduct synchronization point audits during the DR process

CloudTAPE Dashboard

Luminex Replication supports the tiering, versioning, and metadata capabilities of Cloud and object storage systems.

RepMon’s CloudTAPE Dashboard displays Cloud and object storage versioning and tiering status, replication and expiration dates, VOLSER sizes, and other tape object metadata.

CloudTAPE Dashboard Admin UI

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