Luminex Sessions at CMG Impact 2020

Learn from the Subject Matter Experts

Luminex is a proud Sponsor and contributor of technical content for CMG Impact. Below are abstracts and presentations for the 2020 CMG Impact conference.

Paul Massengill, Luminex

Room 2
Day: Tuesday, 2/11
Time: 1:30 - 2:15 pm

Save MSUs and Reduce Run-Times for Analytics and MXG Reporting

The mainframe team of a Fortune 500 Transportation Provider was tasked with conflicting goals: (1) increase the frequency and variety of reporting and analytics, and (2) avoid an upgrade of their already overtaxed mainframe. Learn how you can apply their success with off-host processing to your operations for faster analytics and MXG reporting, all while retaining mainframe control of scheduling, execution and security.


  • Paul Massengill, Systems Engineer, Mainframe Analytics Specialist

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