Our products are strengthened by alliances with leading technology partners like IBM. Together we share know-how and create best-in-class, innovative, and secure solutions to accelerate your digital transformation.

Z Platform and ransomware protection

The Most Modern and Effective Ransomware Protection for Mainframe Data

RansomProtect keeps your data safe from malicious ransomware by creating a virtual air gap between your primary data center and your disaster recovery site(s). Compatible with any object storage, integrating RansomProtect into your environment is fast and simple.

Z platform and the cloud

We support our customers’ go-to-cloud strategy by allowing them to run our solutions in the cloud of their choice.  

our customers can leverage solutions that make regulatory compliance simple, bolster security and add resiliency.  Use of cloud technologies further extends the power of the Z platform, improving profitiabily by reducing costs and complexity.

The combination of our solutions and the IBM Z platform are helping companies achieve new efficiencies and profitably