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Luminex MDI: Where Big Data Meets Big Value Data

Share Mainframe Data Faster & More Securely

Mainframe Data Integration (MDI) is an extensible platform that leverages the Luminex mainframe channel I/O interface to securely share and transfer data between mainframes and distributed systems environments. The platform is built on a modular, highly customizable architecture that enables limitless implementations for data integration and secure managed file transfer workflows.

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Mainframe Data Integration functionality

MDI provides secure, efficient access to Big Value Data from the mainframe for use by other authorized business units, partners or customers.

With data growth exploding in volume, and from a variety of new data sources, most enterprises are seeking ways to harness it using Big Data distributed systems technologies such as Hadoop, Spark and others to extract more value for competitive advantage. MDI is the platform that makes enterprise-wide internal and external “Big Value Data" sharing more efficient.

Why use mainframe I/O channels instead of FTP, IP ports & TCP/IP?

Unsecured IP ports and FTP processes are prime targets for hackers seeking unauthorized access to sensitive, mission or business critical data. Also, for authorized users, failed FTP transfers can be frustrating and costly to manage.

MDI enables customers to leverage the high value data stored on their mainframes by sharing the data using the same, highly available technology type used by the mainframe’s DASD and tape subsystems… up to 8Gb FICON for high speed I/O or even ESCON where FICON is unavailable. MDI mitigates the risk associated with sharing data via unsecured IP ports and FTP on the mainframe and can significantly save CPU resources and costs.

Mainframe Data Integration functionality

More Efficient and More Secure… MDI from Luminex.

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