Luminex Replication Solutions for Mainframe Virtual Tape

Luminex Replication

Enterprise-Class Replication for All Mainframe Environments

As data centers make the transition to tapeless environments, the traditional method of cataloging, packing, shipping and warehousing physical tapes is being replaced with more efficient and cost-effective IP-based replication to a remote DR or bunker site. Luminex Replication operates over both IP and fibre channel connections to one or more remote locations and only sends compressed, block-level changes to minimize network bandwidth requirements.

Luminex Replication also provides a comprehensive set of features and options to further enhance data protection and disaster recovery processes for tapeless mainframe data centers.

Comprehensive Tape Data Availability, Made Simple

  • Immediate and continuous replication over IP or fibre channel to multiple sites
  • Replication monitoring and logging at the VOLSER level
  • Push Button DR option with non-disruptive DR testing
  • Multi-Site Disposition Change (MDC) option to dynamically assign replication sources and targets among multiple sites
  • Synchronous copy option is an ideal companion to primary disk (DASD) replication for environments that require the highest level of data consistency

Typical disaster recovery configuration with Luminex Replication (top), and optional third or bunker site with cascading replication (inset, bottom).

Typical disaster recovery configuration with Luminex Replication (top), and optional third or bunker site with cascading replication (inset, bottom). One-to-many replication is also available.

In contrast to shipping physical tapes off site on a daily or weekly basis, Luminex Replication continuously transmits tape data to the remote DR site, ensuring that even the most recently written data is protected and available there. Enterprises can now meet and improve backup windows, service level agreements (SLAs) as well as RPO and RTO requirements with minimal operator intervention and without the costs and risks of handing off valuable data to a third party for transit or vaulting. With tape data always available at DR, testing times are reduced, allowing for more frequent and/or extensive testing events. Additionally, recovery and testing success is improved since there is no risk of missing, mislabeled or damaged physical tapes.

Flexible policy configurations allow selective replication at the tape range and/or device range (logical library) level, so only the required data is replicated.

For enterprises that require a third copy of tape data, multi-site replication provides "one-to-many" and "cascading" replication options. With one-to-many replication, tape data is sent directly to one or more local or remote sites, minimizing latency between second and third copies. Cascading replication minimizes network bandwidth at the production site by sending replicated "second copy" data from DR to a third site. Both options work automatically without operator intervention.

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