Channel Gateway FICON/ESCON Connectivity for OEMs


The Luminex UCD (Universal Channel Driver) and UCI (Universal Channel Interface) developer platforms vastly reduce the level of effort to develop and deploy mainframe channel attached solutions.  Existing Luminex and non-Luminex ISVs and OEMs will find it easy and straight-forward to integrate their storage and networking products with the Luminex platform.  New software developers can now enter the mainframe market due to a unique architecture that shields the developer from the complexity of the mainframe channel and control unit architecture. Using the platforms, time to market for new or enhanced mainframe attached storage and networking products will be significantly reduced.
The platforms incorporate Luminex’s FICON/ESCON HBA interfaces, driver and mainframe control unit development software.  Resulting products will seamlessly integrate with Luminex’s ESCON HBAs and with Emulex Fibre Channel HBA products.  The developer platforms are available for Solaris, Linux, Windows and a variety of embedded OSes.  The Luminex ESCON HBAs are dual-port and available in the PCIexpress form factor while the Emulex HBAs are available in many formats including single or dual-channel and PCI-X or PCI-Express form factors and are fully RoHS compliant.

Luminex’s software development kit includes comprehensive APIs that fully abstract both the FICON and ESCON channel protocols.  Software developers are freed to concentrate on the unique functionality and value of their storage and networking application instead of on the dreaded details and complexities of the mainframe channel protocols.   Developers can choose to integrate at the HBA level using the Luminex Universal Channel Interface, at the driver level through the Luminex Universal Channel Driver API or at the control unit level using Luminex’s Control Unit API.  Regardless, the developer platform is designed to enable mainframe-attached storage and networking applications to operate at channel speed.

Channel Gateway Mainframe Console Interface

The Luminex 3215 Transaction Processing Facility (TPF) console interface offers a cost-effective alternative to IBM’s 9663 card while providing a high level of reliability, scalability and performance required for mission-critical data.

Channel Gateway Mainframe Channel Emulators

Luminex can provide hardware to emulate bus & tag or ESCON channels from open systems servers.  This emulation hardware can be used to drive and test control units.