Luminex Tapeless Mainframe Backup & Recovery Solutions with Dell EMC Data Domain Storage Systems

Solution Overview:

Luminex and Dell EMC Data Domain have developed a powerful solution which allows mainframe users to reap the benefits of data deduplication for cost-effective local and remote backup and recovery. Luminex’s Channel Gateway X (CGX) combined with Dell EMC Data Domain’s data deduplication storage systems allow mainframe customers to reduce or even eliminate their tape systems and use a more reliable, faster and cost-effective virtual tape backup and recovery solution, leveraging the advantages of Dell EMC Data Domain’s industry leading data deduplication technology. The Luminex and Dell EMC Data Domain backup and recovery solution allows the mainframe user to backup locally or, through Dell EMC Data Domain’s industry leading deduplication technology, to replicate data for backup and recovery to remote disaster recovery sites.

With Dell EMC Data Domain’s deduplication technology, redundant data is eliminated prior to backup, by an average factor of 20, dramatically reducing the amount of storage space required. With this much smaller backup footprint, data can now be replicated remotely across existing WAN infrastructures to off-site disaster recovery sites without incurring expensive channel extension costs. And with all backup data on disk, data recovery is measured in minutes, not hours or days.

Luminex’s CGX is connected to the mainframe as a virtual tape solution emulating 3490/3590 tape drives over FICON or ESCON channels and provide connectivity to open systems Ethernet or Fibre Channel storage systems without requiring any mainframe software changes. The Dell EMC Data Domain systems connect directly to CGX as a NFS file system via Ethernet.

The combination of Luminex CGX and Dell EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems delivers a cost-effective, scalable and high throughput mainframe data backup, recovery and protection solution. Mainframe enterprises can now retain months worth of data in nearline storage, lowering the overall price/GB, accelerating data recovery, improving data protection by eliminating physical tape and simplifying management.

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Typical Channel Gateway disaster recovery configuration with Dell EMC Data Domain Deduplication Storage

Typical Channel Gateway disaster recovery configuration with Dell EMC Data Domain