Celebrate Storage Independence

Storage technology changes faster than the life of your data™

In 2006, Luminex was the first and only major vendor to offer modular, storage-independent solutions for mainframe virtual tape. This enables our clients to leverage the buying power and advanced capabilities of next-generation storage systems for their mainframe production, backup & recovery and archive tape operations.

Client Example: 9 Years, 3 Storage Targets, One Solution

Storage Independence example

Today, Luminex CGX has longtime users that have seamlessly replaced their back-end storage of choice to suit their changing business needs over time. For example, one client started with Data Domain for deduplication, then moved to Hitachi HUS for better read performance and cost savings, and recently to Dell EMC Isilon to consolidate data on a multi-protocol platform.

Modular vs. Monolithic

A modular architecture also allows Luminex clients to scale throughput, capacity and resiliency independently or to add game-changing new capabilities for data sharing and off-host processing. You won't find that kind of flexibility in monolithic offerings. In every case, the end result is a future-proof solution that has been embraced by data centers from the Fortune Global Top 5 to mainframe enterprises of all sizes around the world.

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