Trade-Up to Luminex Mainframe Virtual Tape

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't

Customers, of all sizes, faced with replacing "End of Support" TS7700 virtual tape products are choosing Luminex Mainframe Virtual Tape (MVT) solutions. With a combination of their long-established reliability, cost-effectiveness, and rich functionality, Luminex solutions are recognized for enabling mainframe customers to maximize the value of their tape investment.

Services Withdrawal (EOS) Announcements

Perfect Fit SOLUTION

Luminex MVT solutions are built on a modular platform, providing customers the "perfect fit" for their current and future requirements. From small 2U systems to multi-petabyte, continuously available solutions, Luminex provides a level of configurability and long-term extensibility that is unmatched.

This modular architecture means that there are no limitations on capacity, throughput or availability. It also means that even the smallest MVT solutions use the same core technologies serving in some of the most demanding data centers in the world. (These core technologies drive our Mainframe Data Integration (MDI) solutions as well.)

Trade-In Credit

Luminex solutions are already competitively priced. Increase your savings with available trade-in credits for customers with EOS-affected products. The more you trade in, the more you save on the best-of-breed mainframe virtual tape solutions available.

Contact us for more information on the program and to see how much you can save by trading in your End of Support equipment.


It's not too late to migrate your tape environment to Luminex Mainframe Virtual Tape. Luminex is the only vendor to provide both mainframe virtual tape solutions as well as Professional Tape Migration Software & Services. Our vast experience, Subject Matter Experts, and Luminex-developed software provide a fast and seamless transition experience. Whether it's thousands of tapes or millions, Luminex will get you off your old EOS equipment faster than any "third party" option.

Slow Migration, Too

Not all data requires immediate migration. For customers who want to selectively recall physical tape data from large physical archives, Luminex offers P2V for on-demand, off-host physical-to-virtual tape conversion. Load a physical tape, locally or remotely, and P2V performs a bit-for-bit conversion to Luminex virtual tape. Remote P2Vs can replicate the virtual tape to the primary site's MVT, which will store and present it to the mainframe for read/write I/O.

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IBM United States Withdrawal Announcement 916-128

Services withdrawal: Declaration of plan to discontinue lease, rental, and maintenance services for selected machines; withdrawal of selected ServicePac part numbers, effective July 31, 2017.

Tape storage products Model
TS7720 Virtualization Engine (3957) VEA

IBM Asia Pacific Withdrawal Announcement WG16-0027

Services withdrawal: Declaration of plan to discontinue lease, rental, and maintenance services for selected machines; withdrawal of selected part numbers, effective June 30, 2017.

Tape storage products Model
TS7740 Virtualization Engine (3957) V06