Long Live 3590 Virtual Tape!

With the manufacturer's announcement (see below) of the impending Services Withdrawal (End of Support) for 3590 physical tape drives, we'd like to highlight our success with transitioning many mainframe data centers to 3590 virtual tape. Luminex's 3590 Mainframe Virtual Tape is application transparent, so no changes are required in tape applications for batch processing, HSM, archiving, backup or recovery.

Also, the transition from physical to virtual tape is easily facilitated by Luminex's proven tape migration tools and services, so that the original tape VOLSER numbers and historical information are preserved in the new virtual tape environment.

Competively priced solutions are available with either FICON or ESCON mainframe connectivity.

Contact Luminex for free virtual tape throughput and capacity sizing, solution recommendations and price quotes or call (888) 586-4639.

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IBM Enterprise2014 Technical Session

"3590 Tape Drive End of Support - Transitioning from 3590 Physical Tape to Virtual Tape"

Learn how others have switched from physical to virtual tape and how the transition has improved tape security, disaster recovery preparedness and resilience. The session presentation slides include topics such as migration, remote replication and monitoring, the value of deduplication, and continuous availability.

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IBM United States Withdrawal Announcement 914-145

Services withdrawal: Declaration of plan to discontinue lease, rental, and maintenance services for selected machines; withdrawal of selected ServicePac part numbers

IBM will withdraw from its lease, rental, and maintenance agreements the machine types and models listed below, effective January 31, 2015.

Tape storage products Model
3490 B40
3490 C22
3490 C2A
3590 E1A
3590 E11
3590 H1A
3590 H11