Luminex Sessions at SHARE St. Louis, August 2018

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Luminex Sessions at SHARE

Luminex is a proud Premier Sponsor and regular contributor of technical content for SHARE. Below are abstracts and presentations for the SHARE Conference in St. Louis, August 2018.

Lunch and Learn
Session #23693

Tuesday, August 14
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Room: 232

Scott Spiro, Microsoft Azure
Colleen Gordon, Luminex

Better Together: Microsoft Azure Data Lakes and Mainframes for Enterprise-wide Big Data Analytics

Join Microsoft Azure and Luminex for a Smokehouse BBQ Lunch & Learn, as we discuss how using data lakes to eliminate data silos can unlock unprecedented customer insights for your enterprise. Microsoft Azure’s Scott Spiro will discuss the value of Azure data lakes and how using Azure for analytics can increase your competitive edge. Attendees will also learn how secure, high speed data exchange between mainframes, Hadoop Distributed File Systems and Azure enables enterprise-wide analytics, faster time to insight and transformative decision making.


  • Scott Spiro, Microsoft Azure
  • Colleen Gordon, Luminex Software

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Session #23722

Tuesday, August 14
1:45 PM – 2:45 PM
Room: 232

Art Tolsma, Luminex

The Connected Mainframe: Modern Integration and Coprocessor Strategies

What happens on the mainframe doesn’t stay on the mainframe anymore. Whether for managed file transfer or advanced data analytics, mainframe integration initiatives are leading to new business innovations, improving operational efficiency and lowering costs. Join us as we explore how to securely and cost-effectively integrate the mainframe and distributed platforms to process and access data when and where it makes the most sense. We will also discuss how native mainframe FICON channels can be leveraged to provide the fastest, most secure, and cost-effective bidirectional I/O between mainframes and the rest of the enterprise.


  • Art Tolsma, CEO, Luminex Software

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