Luminex Sessions at SHARE Seattle, March 2015

Learn from Experts and End Users

Luminex Sessions at SHARE

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Vendor Session

Tuesday, March 3
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Room: Capitol Hill

Utilizing Cloud Storage for Mainframe Tape

Is "tape in the Cloud" right for your mainframe environment? What are the differences between Public, Private or Hybrid cloud from a mainframe tape perspective? How can the Cloud improve tape operations, management and compliance? Discover answers in a discussion about how data centers can use the Cloud for virtual tape storage. Topics will include tape performance characteristics, tape study examples and relevant use cases.

Lunch & Learn

Tuesday, March 3
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Room: Aspen

Achieving Continuous Availability for Mainframe Tape

Learn how mainframe enterprises are using Luminex's Synchronous Tape Matrix to improve the resiliency of their tape operations, from local mirrored data to multi-site, active-active configurations. This discussion will include customer experiences and a deep dive into this unique approach to continuing mainframe tape I/O, even during the unlikely event of multiple infrastructure failures across multiple sites.

Conference Session

Wednesday, March 4
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
Room: Cedar


3590 Tape Drive End of Support - Transitioning from 3590 Physical Tape to Virtual Tape

For several years, 3590 physical tape users have been transitioning to 3590 virtual tape to take advantage of a new generation of features, options and innovations. With the impending plans for the 3590's physical tape drive End of Support, many more will be looking to do the same, non-disruptively, and without making changes to applications.

Attend this session to learn how others have switched from physical to virtual tape and how the transition has improved tape security, disaster recovery preparedness and resilience. The discussion will include topics such as migration, remote replication and monitoring, the value of deduplication, and continuous availability.